Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Catching up, classes and Queensland

Dear Friends,
Very busy since last we chatted and also having a weeny break from so much computery stuff. Amazing how much of one's life it can siphon off! Anyway enough of that.

I have been painting a lot lately and was lucky enough to go and teach in Queensland  - right in the middle of freezing Melbourne weather. It was a painting and felting class and we were all busy as beavers.

I find it eternally wonderful that the passion of artistic endeavour frequently takes over all other elements - forgetting the time, forgetting to eat, pushing on to finish a work, tackling a new piece with very little time left,
the sharing of ones treasured supplies with no hesitation at all -  often with a fellow class member previously unknown to you.  The bonding between class members in such a short time is rapid and often long lasting  - certainly well after the class is finished.

Here are some close ups of my samples  - using unprimed canvas, acrylic paints, watercolour crayons, pens, coloured inks, textas, pencils ..............................  groovy fun!

Below are a new set of canvas and felt figures - they are now up on my etsy site.

I really love working on them and seeing what sort of characters people create is so interesting.  Students who don't think they can paint are so gorgeous to observe  - they don't know how very talented they are at wielding some colours and a brush. I suppose it is the same for anyone who thinks they lack a certain skill - to see them achieve it is just SUPER!

The CANVAS and FELT workshop runs for 3 weeks. This consists of 3 half day classes.
The next dates are: 15th  22nd & 29th September. If you would like to book in, just email me.
Please remember I only take 4 students.






Below is the gorgeous view I was faced with around 6.00pm on my first evening in Queensland. The shade of pink after the sun had set was just like a a pearly shell colour.  So restful and dreamy.

This is the very same beach early the following morning. Now when I say early what I really mean is about 6.30am. For many people this is a natural time of day to get a move on. WELL, I rarely see 6.30am unless I have a job that takes forever to get there. But I was so eager to see the beach that I was out walking having just the best time collecting stones  - they are so different to the ones I normally find.
An ocean beach provides different types of treasure to a bay beach I think.

Below is a completely different beach - about 25 minutes away and much more public. These shots were taken at lunchtime at the teaching venue which was nothing less than PERFECT! At the top of a hill at a  school - now used for a variety of classes and community opportunities. The beach was beautiful, cool breeze, warm sun...........................

At the lookout point was this wonderful art installation of an ocean eagle - I had all sorts of imaginings - that he took flight when no one was around and got back on his post when observed...............well he might!

A very formidable piece of work - such strength and beauty. I just loved it!

A few shots taken during class with students hard at work - such hard workers! There were lengthy periods of silence - well almost silence - I do tend to talk quite a bit.

Finally back at home - of course I weighed my luggage down with stones - that's normal isn't it?
After washing them I left them on the sink. For the first time ever, (which is quite surprising really)  Henry
was up and inspecting these new interesting pieces. Needless to say he wasn't there long - especially after the first one was pushed to the floor.

Well still cold here in Melbourne and wishing I was back in Queensland puddling along the beach.

Hoping everyone has a great start to the week and finding time to stitch or felt or paint or draw or write or puddle along a beach......