Saturday, October 11, 2008

Studios! Cloth Paper Scissors

This week I have some really exciting news!

I am in the next issue of "Studios" put out by the wonderful team at Cloth Paper Scissors

I was very lucky to be a featured studio. It looks so tidy I was quite surprised! Please believe me - this is not the case very often. Although I do believe in one type of item per storage unit. Also labelling them!

The other thing is finding a day each month (or whenever) to tidy said storage units and get back into Tidyland again.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Changing Seasons - Wall Installation

I have been hard at work trying to make sense of the mountain of felt that I have made with the Grade 3's from PLC Junior School (Presbyterian Ladies College).

Two great boxloads of felt have resulted in a lovely tree that changes throughout the seasons.

It will be installed at the end of a corridor outside the main hall so that students and staff may see it as the move along this section of the school. This is the background so far and then there are all the pieces to add on top................................Can hardly wait to show you!