Monday, April 19, 2010

Trees and Birds

Hi Everyone,
Her is a wall hanging I have finished as another primary school project. This one was created by both students and teachers. I just love it when any age can have a go and the end result is a mix of everyones efforts.

The magic remains...............................A lump of fluff to a piece of fabric!
Hoping your week has started well
Lots of Love

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Work this week............

Dear Friends,
I hope everyone is well and relaxing into a lovely weekend. Some silk and black merino wool felt flowers. I was very honoured to be asked to make a corsage each for Jean Littlejohn and Jan Beaney who are both currently in Australia.

These were presented this evening and can you believe the car wouldn't start and eveyone else was out so that I couldn't even see them receiving them! Here's hoping they liked them!

They are attached to pins rather than brooches for extra stability.

An extra few were made so that I could select my 2 faves. I go through cycles with flowers, I make heaps to have in the studio and take to workshops and then do none for weeks!

Two layers were stitched together and then a felted ball was beaded to create the centre.

More collage patchwork with silk paper leaves and assorted felts and fabrics. I simply can't stick to one thing! No matter how hard I try - I have to swap between projects so that my concentration stays on target. Whenever I think about doing 15 or 20 of the same thing in succession I immediately don't want to start. I am happy to do 50 similar items but over a much greater period of time.

Autumn colours to match our beautiful season at the moment.

New doll on the drawing board.

My favourite type of washing. I could hang out basketloads of this. I will have to choose a new spot when the sweet peas grow again. This felt is for an order and will be made into a cushion with any luck within a day or two!
Hoping everyone is doing lots of creative gorgeousness even if it does mean swapping from project to project.
Lots of love, friends

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Book COMING SOON!...................

Hi everyone!
Don't you just adore a new book?
You can take it to bed,
You can read it while waiting to collect people from the railway station,
You can pore over it at brekky,
You can take it in the garden with a cup of tea,
You can study it in a cafe with several favourite lattes,
You can make the time go quicker waiting at the bustop and countless other situations.

Let's face it - a book is a great friend!

Well the book above is especially groovy because I was lucky enought to have 4 images of my work accepted. I am really excited and am looking forward to its arrival!

Anyway, just wanted to share this lovely news with you all!

Every best wish and happy reading!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting stuff done!

Dearest Friends
Hoping your week is progressing well! I have been trying to focus on 8 things that have to be done and none of them seem appealing - do you know what I mean? Plenty of creative energy but not for the things that I simply have to do!
I used to be really worried by this. The fact that I couldn't discipline myself to get these things done. Now I simply put them aside and attend to the enticing creative ideas that are simply nagging me to get done or have a try.
I know that I will get over this block in a few days time and that everything will get done. But in the meantime I get to pursue the idea that has crept in unbidden.
Here is a new gal, papier mache and felt - I just love making them!
Whatever you are working on, be it one of the "I SIMPLY MUST GET THIS DONE" thing
or the "WOW! I AM GOING TO DO THIS NOW!" thing - I hope you are having a great time!
See you soon
Lots of Love