Thursday, November 24, 2011

PLEASE Don't use my Blog To Advertise

Dear Friends
Just a quick note and I can hardly believe I am writing it!

Please do not use my blog to advertise your own products in the comments section. I really don't appreciate it. I don't wish to screen every comment before it goes up but this may be the only solution.

Wishing everyone in America a wonderful thanksgiving.

Best wishes

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Little signs

Dear Friends
Today was a day like any other, I was cooking curry in the kitchen. Standing at the sink I looked into the trees in our backyard as we are high up at the rear of the house.

Well dreaming about nothing in particular as I washed the potatoes, a most beautiful black and white feather slowly danced past the window. It didn't float or head to the ground it just twisted and turned sideways past the glass!

I dashed outside down the stairs to see where it landed but alas it was nowhere to be found. Not that I had expected to see it - it was such a dreamlike thing to happen it seemed perfectly normal that it would just vanish without a trace.

About 3 hours later, just before the light entirely faded for the day I happened to glance out the window from another room and low and behold there it was resting on top of the water tank!

So often you find a feather on the ground perhaps stuck on a bush but so much rarer to see one float past your line of vision.
These special little signs of the world around us are very precious, more so for their almost magical beauty as they touch our lives.

Hoping a little magic dances into your life this week

Monday, November 7, 2011

A sneak preview!

Dear Friends,
As you may recall in the last post I was attempting to get a certain effect. Well the effect was for feathers. I have taken on board all your advice and this is the result which I am much happier about.

A bit of canvas...........

A bit of paint...................

and you really can create anything you like!

Well you can give it a red hot go anyway!! More soon when I get it all assembled - so stay tuned!

Felting away this week it occurred to me that you really can do a lot with a little.
The blue background is the same for each of these studies whilst the shaded fleece on the top is from a single skein as well. From straight to curvy from circles to leaves - wool is just the best, no matter how you lay it out.

Well off to bed

Hoping your week is just splendid