Sunday, July 27, 2014

Square Heads

Dear Friends
Well bookings are rolling in which is wonderful - with some classes nearly booked out - so thankyou!

Here are my new SQUARE HEADS! I just love painting them. It started as an exercise to stop doing the pretty girly face that I have been doing for years. Giving myself licesnse to use all the colours was the best thing because now I have plenty of reason to trial every colour combination instead of adhering to the traditional flesh tones.

Some are available now - ready to hang or applique to a bag or ipad cover or turn into a little purse or frame

What are you giving yourself licesnse to do in your creative endeavours?

I hope you are having a restful weekend,
Much love

Monday, July 21, 2014

Newsletter No 3 - New classes!


Welcome to Newsletter Number 3

Winter is certainly here - it's time to get felting!

Hi Everyone
Well it has been a really busy time since the last update!  I have been teaching a great deal which is my absolute delight as you know. A new felt installation at Livingstone Primary School here in Melbourne has been received by the community with delight.
Over the last few months I have been teaching away a great deal - the poor studio is in a bad state and looks like a packing room not a place to have fun in! I was lucky enough to teach at the Felt Retreat in Ballarat for a week as well as workshops in Yeppoon, Bendigo, Drysdale, Yarragon and in 2 weeks I will be back up to Queensland to the Whitsundays. Can this really be a job?

Here at home in the studio, I will be teaching the following classes over the next few months.

Beginners Felt If you are ready to dip your toe in the wool then don't hesitate! Making felt is a very satisfying pursuit and the results are just sensational!

Nuno Felting Techniques.  This class will enable you to learn several methods for creating beautiful scarves rather than just one. It will run for 2 weeks.
In Week 1 four methods will be covered where a sample of each will be achieved.
In Week 2 you can select one of these to make a full size scarf.  

Collage Birds continues to be so popular it is amazing how many breeds have evolved!
A 2 week class with plenty of scope for designing your own feathered friends.

Seamless Vessels - This is a great class where I will be teaching the seamless technique  to create some stunning vessels. You may decide to create a bag, vessel  or other creature instead!

Fantastic Figures - I always love creating images of the figure. This is a canvas and felt class where we make flat character dolls for the wall. Loads of fun and always surprising!

The ever cheerful Monsters will also be on the agenda. You can't have too many in my opinion!

A new class Patchwork Felt. This class is a series of 4 workshops. Understanding colour and pattern will be the prime focus and how to achieve a stunning piece of wall art will be our goal. Perfect for the beginner or more advances student. For two weeks we will create a variety of patterned felts. By week 3 we will arrange and piece them all together so they are ready to be felted in Week 4. These pieces are quite large so class size will be limited to 3 students.

Felt Folio 1 must surely be my most popular class. Now into its' 12th year (golly!) it runs for 5 weeks with a new felting technique each week. Felto Folios 2 and 3 can also be scheduled after number 1 has been completed.


Collage Birds        12th and 19th   (2 week class)
Beginners Felt:     14th
Monsters:              20th and 27th   (2 week class)

Nuno Techniques: 10th and 17th   (2 week class)
Beginners Felt:      18th
Seamless Vessels: 26th

Monsters:               1st and 8th  (2 week class)
Fantatic Figures:    14th and 21st     (2 week class)
Beginners:              3rd
Seamless Vessels   17th

Patchwork Felt:        5th, 12th 19th 26th  
(4 week class)
Nuno Techniques:     1th and 18th 
(2 week class)
Felt Folio 1               8th 15th  22nd 29th and Dec 6th  
(5 week class)

1 week $60.00  + materials
2 session $120.00  + materials
4 weeks $240.00  + materials
5 weeks (Folio class) $350.00 which includes all materials

Materials for most classes are around $25.00 - $35.00 except for large works.

All classes run for 3 hours 10.00 - 1.00pm

I only take 4 students (5 depending on the class) so classes fill quickly!
Collage Birds!

Beginners Felt

Nuno felting techniques
Patchwork Felt

Seamless Vessels

Canvas and Felt Figures