Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last post for 2011!

Dear Friends
My last post for 2011 and a little to catch up on. We went for a great walk earlier in the week - somehow I always feel the need to take more photos of wild flowers and bark and little things by the walkway.

No clue what this gorgeous bush was. The changing shades on the berries were just lovely.

Just a beautiful day

Here at the top of Mt Macedon Mum taking a breather.

Summer has taken hold here with the colours in the landscape becoming more golden

About 5 minutes before we got back to the car we were lucky enough to see an echidna and he was just gorgeous! Beetling around we lots of purpose. His eyes were so tiny I think he thought we were a couple of logs.

Just a few little bits of Christmas that we are still enjoying. Decorations seem to grow each year and my sister and I spend days upon days arranging it all again!

Elvis turned out to be the perfect size on the silvery twinkly tree. We bought him in Chicago at Macy's and he is just the perfect fairy on the tree. Probably the white suit.

I don't buy many glass ornaments for very obvious reasons but this Santa was just lovely.

Isn't it amazing when the table is so beautifully set and then within an hour of the Christmas meal everything looks as if a 10 three year olds have been left in charge.

This is a hand made nativity that Mum made at least 20 years ago and goes into its own little suitcase for the rest of the year.

I think we have too many Christmas candles as it is taking nearly 15 minutes to light them all!
But gee I love them!

Don't you love the same shades appearing in fruit and flowers? That particular shade of pink I have found quite inspiring lately.

Here is the most recent felt with this shade of pink.

Well dear friends thankyou for tuning in this year and for taking the time to comment. I love reading your comments and look forward to chatting again in 2012.

So Happy New Year wishing you all a creative 2012

Lots of Love

Monday, December 12, 2011

Festive Cheer in the Studio!

Dear Friends,
Well the festive season is nearly upon us and so the studio is in the mood as well.
Every year I get out an ever expanding box of decorations and have a lovely time putting them up.

I never used to, but it is such a special place to go for me that I felt it needed to mark the occasion as well. I spent rather a lot of time hanging everthing up but it was such fun and I look forward to it every year now!

If you have a workplace or a studio - or even just a corner to call your own I hope you find some time to include it in the festive season as well. Not matter what your faith - marking these occasions does give shape and colour to our year and does make for a memorable time.

Have a gorgeous week




Friday, December 2, 2011

Loads of fun!

Dear Friends
Thankyou for the excellent advice regarding the spam issues in the last post. I was a bit of a nitwit not to realize that blogger would have a solution. Righto moving along....................
This group of excellent ladies were in class with me about 2 weeks ago - some beginners some intermediate but all having a super time! Here are some of the results and I think you will agree they all worked very hard and should all be so proud.

A busy time - I kept losing things in boxes and tubs which did slow us down from time to time - it is often the way in class when I am talking non stop that I put something down and then cannot remember where it is. Either on the students tables or on mine!

Naturally the layout is often quite different to the finished result as colours sink and merge into one another and secondary shades evolve.

Only a couple of classes left now before the end of the year which always makes me a little sad somehow! Still January is open for bookings and it would appear that felters are not going to rest for too long!

Cheers for now I am off to put up more decorations in the studio - will post some pics soon
Hoping everyone is finding a little something to decorate their work area or studio at this festive time - don't forget it needs to mark the season in some way as well!