Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Early mornings.....................

Hi friends!
Well I think I just may live in England forwever! I don't think it is just holiday fever, I really feel so happy here. Due to the fact that we are trying to fit in so much, our days have been starting quite early. Here are some pics from along a country lane where spring is really doing her thing.
Of course I am still photographing stones and rock walls as well.

Pretty views of lovely homes tucke away behind hedges and gates.

The light which can be quite hard in Australia is so gentle here. I spend a lot of time noticing this as we drive down country lanes that feel as if we are stuck in a rabbit warren at times. It doesn't seem to matter though - these beautiful lanes filled with wild flowers seem timeless somehow.

Visiting Arundel castle near Chichester inside the chapel - another lovely door.

We have been staying in lovely B and B's and some self catering cottages. This was a tiny church at the end of the lane.

More loveliness.

The lovely light at 6.00am - can this really have been me here?

Mum and I are both well and and eating like horses. Everything is amazingly delicious and 2 afternoon teas on most days sounds most reasonable. Especially as we walk for so many hours looking at churches and museums and just about anything else....................................

Will chime in again soon,

Lots of love dear friends



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Storybook Holiday!

Well hello at last dear friends!

You must all have thought I had left for another planet not just another country!

Well here in sensational Britain Mum and I are having what can only be descibed as a story book holiday! Everything is dovetailing beautifully and we have been so touched by all the kindness from everybody.

Upon arriving we picked up our hire car and immediately drove down to Winchester. Sensational! As I am doing the driving I have been getting lost on quite a regular basis ( daily!) and I am not backward in asking for help - from the man walking his dog in the street to the lady in the carpark not to mention the man at the garage and I can't forget the vicar at the tea rooms!

Now that Mum has taken charge of the navigator we are doing beautifully. Our orienteering skills have soared sky high! Also we have named her Tilly!

The photos here are some from inside and around Winchester Cathedral - truly an amazing place to gaze at for many hours - we were lucky to catch some choir rehersals and the acoustics are awe inspiring!

The wooden carvings were a joy to hunt down and I simpy couldn't stop photographing them - than 40 carvings of the Green Man alone, although I didn't have enough time to find them all.

As you can imagine I am taking at least a hundred photos a day. Not just willy nilly - I love taking close ups of subjects that may later be intrerpreted for a piece of work - wood, flowers, stone, brickwork, gardens,streets and I just love taking photos of doors!

Weird I know!

As a result I am to be found crawling on the ground, waiting for people to pass by or changing the setting on the camera - whilst Mum is striding on with her head swivelling and occasionally chatting to me - or at least she thinks so!

At any rate all is well - we are having a blast and I will post again soon!

Oh forgot to mention, any cake we have never seen we feel compelled to try - so when next we meet don't be surprised if I am shaped like Humpty Dumpty!

Lots of Love