Saturday, May 30, 2009

AT LAST - This makes the last post make a bit more sense. These are the pics from the beach.

Such gorgeous details to be obseved

The most beautiful time of day

I could hardly believe this leaf - it was as if it had appeared by magic no other one of its type to be seen nearby
Hope everyone is having a happy weekend

Saturday, May 23, 2009

On the beach...........

This week I had a birthday. I must be getting extremely dull and narrow because I simply didn't care. What is with that? When you are a child you count off the days on the calender, you cross
off how many sleeps are left and then dream of what you might like to receive.

I think in my case - like many I know - it was to have the boxed set of Derwent pencils. Just thinking of them used to give me a shiver!

I remember that the only reason we got wall paper down our hall was because I had drawn over most of it. The idea that the drawings/scribble was oh so charming, eventually wore off and they were forever hidden under a cream embossed paper. Really rather boring now I come to think about it!

Well my family and I went down to the beach and ate fish and chips and went for a long walk.
It was just great. Here are some pics of the sand -I am never tired of looking at patterns in nature and how beautiful and somehow mystical they are. Almost too perfect to be true.

WELL sorry about that - I can't load any photos and have been unable to do so for about a week Anyone else having this trouble????

Hope everyone is having a good week


Monday, May 18, 2009

Felt and Paper Mache

Once upon a time I did quite a bit of paper mache. It is funny how you come full circle and
find a new interpretation of a past technique. This is a sneak peak of a new series of mixed media dolls. I am relly enjoying adding a hard element to the dolls, as well as painting on a different surface for the faces.
If you have time I would be pleased to hear what you think!
Best wishes - I hope everyone has had a super weekend
Love Elizabeth

Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is the doll made for Jacky's birthday. Her name is Cecile.

It is so great when you get to meet the recipient of your work. so many times I never get to see who receives my work as it is bought for gifts or gets sent overseas. So it was a real treat to see her unwrap Cecile on her birthday!

Wonderful class last week!

Last weekend I had more lovely students in class and we had a most gorgeous day!
Dot and Jacky had a wonderful time discovering the wonderful world of felt and produced excellent results. I have very high hopes for them - I really feel they will be beautiful felt artists.
As you can see Jacky is hard at work - concentrating hard - but Dot took time to smile for the camera! Actually she didn't stop grinning all day. In fact I was certain she probably drove home that way as well! What a happy world if we were all this delighted.
Ahhhhhh.............................. I know, we should all be felting!