Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ready for a giggle?

OK just had to tell you about yesterday. Are you ready for a giggle?

Over the last month, life has been a bit muddled and this is my only excuse. Right, on Tuesday I had a thorough clean of the studio - scrubbing, cleaning, sorting, packing up and vacuuming. You get the idea - normal stuff. This was to make way for students - new students - arriving at 10.00am yesterday.

As these ladies hadn't been to the studio before I decided to go out the front to the driveway so they wouldn't get lost. Normally new students are very early or quite late - so when no one had arrived at 10.00am I wasn't really worried. I decided to just keep busy and keep an eye out for them. So I dithered around inventing jobs like sweeping, dead heading a few things and inspecting my succulents etc ..............met the postie..................chatted to a neighbour.......... said hello to a dog. Still no students.

How can this be I said to myself? Better go start ringing - back in the CLEAN studio,got the diary out to the date with all their details .................................................'s next week and they are where they should be this week - wherever that is...................not at my studio.

So just to prove that I was ready - including nibbles, boiled kettle, great music, rolling mats, soap and everything ready to go, here are some pics!

Now most people wouldn't admit to being such an idiot - but why not? I am of the belief you should have a giggle at yourself especially when you clean up for no one.
Funny thing is, I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself after all that - no one was coming and so I went out to lunch instead.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Living the good life!

Well here is Nellie again - hogging all the sunny spots and generally leading the good life! She seems to be rather nocturnal, being quite active around 3-4.00 am. So sleeping half the day way and worshiping the sun as it travels around the house, seems to be her best plan.

Notice the claws? They are very long - we have learnt (the hard way) to avoid touching her front paws as she is very sensitive about them. So we have several blocks of wood around the house for her to scratch on as well as a new super multi level scratching post, as she is currently an indoor kitty. Her nose is nearly white, it is so pale.

Couldn't find her this morning - starting to get a little worried and discovered her up the chimney - there is a little brick shelf just out of view and she must have been laughing her head off (silently) as I checked everywhere twice!

I won't be posting about said kitty cat every time - it's just that we've only had her for 9 days and after being without a furry for nearly a year it is still quite a novelty.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day
Love Elizabeth

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Such good news!

I have such good news to share with you! As some of you may recall our beautiful cat Basil passed away last year - (can hardly believe that now because we still feel very sad at times).
Well on the weekend we adopted Nellie. She's 5 years old and we got her from the Keysborough Animal Shelter

After being in a small area coming to our place must have seemed truly unsettling. Well I don't know why we were worried because in 15 minutes here she is in the lounge room loving the cane chair.

Here is Nellie on yet another chair but so happy and relaxed - I can't tell you how much we are enjoying her and how much she is bringing to our lives.

It is such a beautiful thing to give an animal another chance - most people think of getting kittens
but an older cat has a trickier time getting adopted. Believe me - she is an absolute treat and already owns the place! Just as a cat should.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hi everyone,
This week is panning out OK. The best thing about a bad run is the up side at the end of it.
Don't you think? The only way is up baby.....................

Righto, soon to be put on etsy are a new selection of starter Felt kits that include my beloved merino. The kit includes wool, wool batt and a selection of fibres, fabrics and yarns to get you going on your own magnificent felt masterpiece. There is also a packet of soap flakes and plastic
that I use that make the process easier.

The kits will be $50.00 and will include instructions that are laminated so that you can read them with wet hands!!!

I would be so pleased with your thoughts and any colour suggestions you think would be groovy.
Otherwise you get stuck with my colour palette!

Wishing you a colourful day!
love Elizabeth

Friday, July 10, 2009

In the studio last weekend

Last weekend I had a full studio and wanted to share some of the results with you.

This is Alannah with her new scarf and Hannah with some gorgeous panels for cushions.
They really did a beautiful job - hopefully they will get the bug to do more!

Hope everyone is finding time to enjoy some beauty today,
Love Elizabeth