Monday, May 24, 2010

Fab students!

Dear Friends,
Students on the weekend. Two ladies, Pauline and Andrea. Fab gals - they both worked so hard and barely took any time off for lunch they were so keen!
We started with one plan and then decided to completely change our minds and do some scarves. After much colour consideration choices were finally made and we plunged right on in!
Above is Andrea unrolling and rolling...............................

This is Pauline, possibly wondering when on earth Elzabeth is going to say "STOP ROLLING!"

Towards the end of the day we started work on some flowers.

New proud felters. They did such an outstanding job I am so delighted for them both.

Pauline's ruby reds looked so gorgeous her decorating on either end was so weeny and delicately applied - I was encouraging her to add more but Pauline had it just right. As you can see the results are just lovely.

Above are Andrea's efforts for the day and once again a beautiful set of work that really hits the target. Each colour is just off set so beautifully against the other and the flowers very nearly stayed with me!

How lucky is my life? I get to teach people who want to learn my pet subject!
Never do I forget how very lucky I am.
My every best wish to you all


  1. These turned out so lovely, and Pauline's is so subtle. I probably would have over done it but she knew when to stop. Beautiful results. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What really talented students you have. Their work is really beautiful.
    A x

  3. Oh i like the work of the students too. But they have a very nice and good teacher. I wish i lived nearby but i am living in The Netherlands

    With love, Els

  4. These look wonderful, the flowers are fabulous. Your workshops are full of inspiration.

  5. They certainly worked v. hard. Thanks for being so positive, I will try to take that spirit into my day.

  6. I'm sure they feel lucky to have such an amazing teacher.